Best Tasker Alternative Apps For Android


Tasker is one of the best automation apps for Android users. It comes with so many features which help you to make your life easy with most of the task. But there is a major problem with Tasker app. It is that you cannot easily learn everything from this app. It is a bit complicated for beginners to handle.  Without understanding its functioning properly, you cannot easily operate this app. if you are looking for some best alternatives to try instead of Tasker apk you will get them from this article.

Best Alternative Apps Like Tasker For Android Automation 2018

  1. Automate

In this app, you can automate almost everything in your phone using flowcharts. Anything like changing volume, turning Wi-Fi on or off, sending messages, copying files to FTP, playing music automatically and many more. Connect grids by selecting them from a predefined category. Just drag and drop the blogs to anywhere you want and create the task as you want. The app is very simple to use compared to Tasker and free to download too.

  1. MacroDroid

Macrodroid is another automation app for Android users. This works through a number of simple instructions. You can create macros for each task and the app can use without paying any money. But while using free version you cannot use as many macros you want. There is a limited usage for free MacroDroid users. This app is very simple and clean to use for automation beginners No need to get plugins from outside to automate any task.

  1. Condi

Condi is another simple automating tool with simple user interface. You can do all basic automation in this app. Just click on Add (+) button and choose the task you want to create. You can see the list of triggers in the next page. Select the one you want and add it. By pressing on cloud button, you will also get trending automated tasks created by other users. You can also try them. Only disadvantage of using this app is that you cannot perform double triggers using this app. It is not that much advanced and if you need such automation use Automate or any other such tool.

  1. AutomateIT

AutomateIt works based on following some instructions and they call it as rules. A rue is associated with a trigger/ action. You can choose various actions or triggers. You can start adding rules parameters and then assigning action for triggers. There are a paid version and free version of this app available. Paid version offers unlimited rules from the market, but free version only gives you access to user created rules. If you want to experience automation free version is more than enough.

  1. IFTTT

IFTTT means ‘If this then that’ and is a very powerful app compared to Taker app. Like Tasker app we can do so many complex automation processes using this IFTTT app. There are some Applets which enables you to do automation process easily. This app works with more than 600 apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail etc. You can assign tasks using Pre-defined Applets or else create new Applets for yourself. This is compatible with almost all your Android versions and free to use too. More than 1 million people use this app all over the world and it is available to download from Google play store.

Final words

When you look for other apps like Tasker apk some of them are simpler to use when compared to Tasker. If you are a beginner then AutomateIt, Macrodroid, IFTTT etc are some of the best choices. The main reason behind it is their easiness of use. If you are looking for an advanced and more complex automation Tasker, Condi, Automate etc will be suitable.

Best Tasker Alternative Apps For Android
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