Best Tasker Profiles For Easier Automation in 2019

Tasker APK

Tasker is very useful to Android users because they can customize various things in their phone. This is one of the best-rated app to perform various task on your phone. This is not a free app. You can get it by paying $2.99 and organize things on your phone. There are many tasks you can perform through this app. But some of them are excellent and useful to organise your tasks well. Tasker is a helpful article for beginners to use this app effectively.

Let’s see, some of the cool yet best tasker profiles for best automation on your Android, without any further ado lets dive, in shall?

Top Best Tasker Profiles For Automation in 2019

Tasker APK
Tasker AP
  1. Night mode

You can do so many things under this option. By enabling night mode you can turn Wi-Fi Off, make your phone silent mode, and go back to normal in the morning. This can help to save your battery and make it last longer.

Profiles>Click on+ sign >Choose the time you want to set the night mode> add a new task name

Task> Give a name> Tap on’+’> Audio> ‘Silent mode’>ON

Task> name the task>Tap on ‘+’> Net> Wi-Fi> Off

  1. Enable Wi-Fi When You Are At Home

This is a very useful task you can do to enable Wi-Fi when you enter your home. By doing this it will help you to urn on Wi-Fi at home and turn off when you go out using Tasker app

Profiles>Tap on ‘+’ button> select location option from the drop-down menu> from the map tap on the GPS location> add a task name

Task> Add a name>Tap on ‘+’ button> Net> Wi-Fi> ON

Task> Add a name> Tap on ‘+’ button> Net> Wi-Fi > Off

  1. Lowering ring volume during work hours

This is a very good feature of Tasker app. You can set a particular time to keep low ring volume while office hours by setting a task.

Profiles> Tap on ‘+’ button> select time from and to and days you want to set>add a task menu

Task> Add a name>Tap on ‘+’>Volume>ringer volume>set your preferred ringer volume

Task> Add a name> Tap on ‘+’> Volume> ringer volume> set ringer volume for non-working hours

  1. Emergency messaging

When your battery is low you can send an automatic message by setting it on Taskers app. This will help you to save your let to be alive a bit more

Profile>State>power>battery level> Set the battery level like from 10-0%

New task>Name the task> Tap on ‘+’ icon>Phone> Send SMS> Add a number and enter the text you want to send.

  1. Automatically turning on music player while inserting headphones

Using this feature, you can automatically turn on the music player when you plug in headphones. In addition to this you can also set a volume to play the song. Here is how you can do this

Profile>State> Hardware>Headset plugged> Any

New task> Press ‘+’ >App> Launch App>select music player app you want to play

New task> press on ‘+’ icon>Increase volume to a certain level

When it comes to playing songs automatically you need a music utility plugin. You can get it from Google play store and set another task to play automatically

New task>plugin> Media utilities>tap on edit option to select configuration and then choose smart play option.

  1. Turning On flashlight while shaking your phone

This is a very useful settings if your phone has got an in-built flashlight. Just by shaking the phone you can turn the flashlight on. It will be helpful during power outages because you don’t have to go to settings to turn on flashlight. You can use a plugin to help with that. Check for Tesla LED plugin from Google play store. Download it and set a task on Tasker app to turn on the flashlight while shaking the phone.

Profile>Event>Sensor>Shake>Choose your preference

New task>Click on ‘+’> Third party>Tesla LED> Make desired changes

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Final words,

Some of the above best tasker profiles are very useful for most of us. There are so many tasks you can assign to Tasker apk. These are only some of them. By assigning them you don’t have to go and do it manually. Many people may think of getting an app that can help with all the organizing tasks.

Tasker is one such app. You must try the app once by downloading it from Google play store

Best Tasker Profiles For Easier Automation in 2019
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